About Us

 Justkids is an online retail store in Lagos, Nigeria, specifically designed to  meet the clothing needs of children. We stock up trendy and affordable clothing/shoes and accessories for children from age range of 12 months to 15 years old. Every product is chosen for its great quality and its originality in order to offer you a unique and wide selection.

JustKids brand stands out through a unique style in keeping up with the value of stocking the right fashion trends for kids to follow. Our collection offers special occasion, casual and basic pieces in comfortable and trendy materials at affordable prices.

The brands on our site are all carefully chosen for a specific reason: they may be complementary to other brands, sometimes they are well-known brands, sometimes very edgy or quirky. Our original vision has not changed because JustKids is here to make life easier for its clients by responding to their fashion and design desires.


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